Buffalo State has campus-wide license to Turnitin (Turnitin.com) for unlimited submissions of student papers for plagiarism detection. Turnitin can be used within Blackboard, or at turnitin.com.


Policy Statement

If using Turnitin, it is recommended that the following statement be within your syllabus. If the syllabus has already been distributed to students, a notice needs to be provided in writing to the students.

Faculty may require students to use textual similarity detection software (e.g Turnitin.com) in courses at Buffalo State. Textual similarity detection software compares submitted student text to a database of millions of previously published documents, including those on the public Internet, a proprietary collection of published articles, as well as every student paper previously submitted to the detection service. When similarities between student text and an existing document are found, the software identifies those similarities for instructor and/or student review. (Similarity alone is not evidence of academic misconduct; as such material may be correctly cited.) This software may be used as an educational tool to assist students in learning how to properly cite resources, to decrease instances of academic misconduct, and/or to assist in the identification of acts of academic misconduct.

Students should also be provided a copy of the College's Academic Misconduct Policy.


Training Tutorials

The following turorials are provided by Turnitin.com. If you are having difficulty with Turnitin, you can call the Turnitin assistance line at: (866) 816-5046

Creating a Turnitin Direct Assignment

View Turnitin Submissions

Viewing the Similarity Report

Grading Papers on an iPad

Peer Mark Assignments

Leaving Feedback on Student Submissions

Viewing Feedback - Students


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