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Buffalo State has adopted TurningPoint Cloud as a campus standard Student Response System.


TurningPoint Cloud student response system, or “clickers”, allows instructors to create an active learning environment in the classroom through the use of polling questions. Students can use either a handheld clicker or their personal mobile device to answer questions posed by the instructor, and real-time results are show in class.

Clickers are available for loan on a trial basis through Instructional Design and Training. Please contact Brooke Winckelmann for more information.


Instructor Information

TurningPoint Cloud is Mac and PC compatible, and can be integrated with PowerPoint, allowing instructors to poll from existing presentations. Instructors are also able to poll on top of any application, such as websites, videos, and PDFs.

In order to use TurningPoint Cloud, you’ll need a TurningPoint USB Receiver. The receiver comes with the TurningPoint Cloud software on it, so you will not need to install anything on your classroom or office computer. The receiver is also an RF transmitter, allowing students with clickers to respond to your polling questions in the classroom. The receiver also allows you to save your class roster and polling response data, so you can store all of your information in once place.

You’ll always run TurningPoint from the USB Receiver, so be sure to keep it with you!

You can pick up your TurningPoint USB Receiver from Instructional Design and Training by contacting Brooke Winckelmann at (716) 878-3688 or via email at

Instructor Resources


Student Information

All students using TurningPoint are required to create a Turning Account, purchase a license, and connect their Turning Account with Blackboard in order to participate in classroom polling.

Review the TurningPoint Student Guide to get started.

If you are experiencing issues with your clicker or ResponseWare, use the TurningPoint Student Self-Help Guide to troubleshoot your issue.

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