Archived Projects

Housing Deposit Paid Through RLO Housing Director Database System -- Completed 5/2018

Project Stakeholders: Residence Life, Student Accounts

Project Goal: Implement a more intuitive deposit solution for student housing.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Integrated with Banner
  2. Integrated with Adirondack Solutions, The Housing Director
  3. Integrated with QuikPAY Commerce Manager
  4. Students are able to pay their housing deposit when they complete their housing application online.


CourseLeaf Online Catalog -- Completed 2/2018

Project Goal: Implement CourseLeaf, a comprehensive catalog/curriculum management system designed to manage processes for colleges and universities by incorporating flexible workflows with easy data entry and editing capabilities. It tightly integrates course information back to the SIS for accurate content while providing error checking, content management and publishing.

Project Stakeholders: Office of the Registrar, Faculty, Staff and Students

Project Outcomes:

  1. CourseLeaf system implemented by January 2017.
  2. Implemented course catalog online by August 2017.
  3. Integrated Buffalo State branding for catalog display,
  4. Implemented online management of catalog content,
  5. Automated catalog publishing process,
  6. Integrated Banner content with CourseLeaf system,
  7. Implemented LDAP authentication for access to system.
  8. Buffalo State students, faculty and staff can access the course catalog online.


Team Dynamix Implementation -- Completed 1/2018

Project Goal: Implement Team Dynamix, a service and project portfolio management system designed specifically for higher education.

Project Stakeholders: Resources for Information Technology and Education, Campus faculty, staff and students.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Integrated Buffalo State Branding for catalog display,
  2. Implemented customer self-services for service requests,
  3. Implemented knowledge base library (internal, external),
  4. Integrated SCCM content,
  5. Integrated Active Directory user content,
  6. Implemented ADFS authentication,
  7. Implemented project request form and approval process,
  8. Implemented customer satisfaction feedback by ticket,
  9. Implemented service catalog metrics for reporting.
  10. The Buffalo State Information Technology service catalog is visible.
  11. Buffalo State faculty, staff and students are able to complete a request for service online.
  12. Buffalo State faculty, staff and students are able to view their requests online and see progress.
  13. Buffalo State faculty, staff and students are able to provide feedback on the services they received.
  14. Buffalo State Information Technology is able to analyze services, service requests, and service delivery.


Bengal Success Portal (Starfish) Implementation -- Completed 8/2017

Project Goal: Implement Starfish by Hobsons - Early Alert and Connect software, an early warning and integrated calendar/appointment system to improve Student Success and Advising.

Project Stakeholders: Resources for Information Technology and Education, faculty and staff from Academic Affairs, Academic Commons, various student support offices and our students.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Implemented Early Alerts module for tracking items
  2. Implemented Connect module for calendars and appointments
  3. Implemented these modules for all undergraduate and graduate instructors and students, advisers, department chairs and assistants, support offices and peer tutors
  4. Banner Integration for faculty and student information
  5. Blackboard Integration for gradebook information
  6. Degree Works Integration for adviser and registrar notes
  7. ADFS authentication
  8. New Banner advising codes to support many new roles in the Bengal Success Portal
  9. Tracking items for flags, kudos and referrals
  10. Appointment configurations for office, advising and tutoring hours
  11. Attendance tracking
  12. Designed Student Progress Surveys for all courses
  13. Created a ‘Raise your hand’ option for students to ask questions
  14. Created a Service Catalog providing information for available support services offered on campus
  15. Developed attribute filters for advanced searching of student lists
  16. Created messaging for all system email notifications
  17. Held many departmental training sessions
  18. Developed Information Technology Team Dynamix service requests and knowledge base articles to support ongoing operations


Campus Application Portal For Scholarships (CAPS) -- Completed 2016

Project Goal: Implement Academic Works software to allow a centralized portal for all students to search for all known available scholarships.

Project Stakeholders: Financial Aid Office, Students

Project Outcomes:

  1. Collected all known scholarship opportunities, descriptions and application requirements
  2. Integrated with Banner,
  3. Implemented user authentication,
  4. Implemented update processes,
  5. Integrated Buffalo State branding.
  6. Students are able to go to one online portal to search for and apply for scholarships available at Buffalo State.
  7. Faculty and staff are able to direct students to one online portal to search for and apply for scholarships available at Buffalo State.


Office 365 Implementation -- Completed 2016

On September 8, 2015, the creation of an Email-Calendar-Collaboration Task Group at Buffalo State was announced. The charge of this group stated:

Buffalo State is in a prime position to evaluate its current email-calendaring system used to support faculty and staff. As you are aware, we currently run MS Exchange 2007 to provide this service to the community. It is now time to consider options for the upgrade or replacement of this platform. The Email-Calendar-Collaboration Task Force will be charged with evaluating options available to Buffalo State to improve service delivery. The Task Force will canvas platforms in use at other institutions, both within and beyond SUNY, and provide recommendations for the most suitable option to address stability, scalability, maintenance, security and cost for the campus community.

After examining several platforms, the task group unanimously recommended to the CIO on February 12, 2016 that the campus move to Microsoft Office 365 Education for faculty and staff. Following the recommendation, Information Technology adopted an aggressive implementation agenda:

  • May, 2016 – an Office 365 Implementation Team was formed and began meeting to discuss details of the migration
  • August 29, 2016 – Department by department migration to Office 365 began
  • October, 2016 – Migration to Office 365 for the faculty and staff throughout the entire campus is completed, with continual training offered and updates made since

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