Makerbot Replicator 2
Single Extruder

Can print three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape from a digital model through an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.


Location: Upton Hall 205A

Contact Person:

Associate Professor Jörg Schnier

Interior Design Department

Access (by appointment):

• Faculty

• Students with faculty supervision


The printer must be supervised during production!


Print Material: PLA Plastic (supposedly biodegradable)

Material Options:
Off-white and black are in stock, additional color options may vary.

Maximal Build Volume:
(285 mm × 153 mm × 155 mm or 11.2 in × 6.0 in × 6.1 in)

Minimal Layer Thickness: 100 µm per layer

Speed: Up to 45 min/cubic inch

Required file-type:
Stereo lithography (.stl) files or g-code files

3D modeling requirements: The models need to be single surface (watertight) without any internal structure, holes, open edges, self intersecting surfaces etc.

A basic Makerbot Printing Preparation Manual for SketchUp (.skp) files can be downloaded from Jörg Schnier's Interior Design Teaching Resources website.

While the manual is focusing on SketchUp (.skp) files the same process using the NetFabb Cloud Service is recommended to analyze, check and repair all .stl files.

Printing Cost:
$1 setup fee + 5 cent/gram

Available Payment Method:
Only BSC budget transfers

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